We've heard that the corona restrictions aren't easing any time soon, and the spring bells can be heard ringing around the corner. It's already been more than an year staying indoor now and we are dead bored. From trying new recepies to practicing yoga for the first time in life, we have tried everything. Unfortunately, we might have to stay some more time indoor not just for ourselves but the humanity. So what else should we do to calm our minds , to take a break from what is happening around the world and feel the normal life again. Well, I'd say renovating our homes can add a fresh feel into our lives. Moreover, DIY projects give us the sense of satisfaction, once we have finished the project. Here are 7 Spring decor ideas for spring 2021 for you to try.
Bring the outdoor inside
Brighten your house by adding green plants and colorful flowers. You might think, well this isn't something new. Well, it isn't but what is more important is how you do it. The very thing to consider is what is look you want to go for. Is it minimalistic or vintage? Do you want to use pastels or bold colors? What matters the most is what gives you peace and not about what is trending. It's your house, you do not need to copy anyone.
Antiques or Minimalist ??

Something that you need to keep in mind is that whatever style you choose, stick with it. One corner minimalistic and other vintage can be distracting. We are already trying to get rid of all the distractions, we don't need any more. Therefore, even while choosing plants, stick to one plant and one color and contrast rest of the house with them.

Change the light fixtures

Lights are probably the most overlooked elements of our houses. We generally don't seem to give much attention towards them. (Is it because we cannot see directly towards them? What do you think ? Just kidding… let's continue). So which light fixtures are in style? Colorful light fixtures are an interesting way of adding that spring look that will compliment the overall vibe. Boho pendant lights Pendant lights just the modern versions of chandeliers and are available in different shapes and sizes.


White furniture items are classic. These are not just for spring but every season. Just like white-washed walls, white furniture gives the illusion of more space. Replace the dark winter appropriate furniture with white or cream bedside tables or closets.